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[PPT] Project Management PPT Course Week 11

Project Management PPT Course Week 11
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    This presentation is part of 11 week course on Project Management. This presentation takes a very open look at the future trends and issues that will continue to challenge and shape the way projects are managed. In 11 PPT's you will learn the various concepts, principles and key aspects of real-world Project Management. Weeks 10 to 11 cover Global IT Project Management and Current Issues in Project Management. See below for additional details on the topics covered in this slide presentation. For author information, content credits and usage rights download the PPT or refer to the disclaimer page of the blogsite.

    Project Management PPT Course Week 11 ppt download
    [PPT] Project Management PPT Course Week 11

    PPT Covers:
    1. Project Management PPT Week 11
    2. Current Issues in Project Management. This is the final slide deck in the total 11-week Project Management learning series. This slide deck looks at several areas of Project Management that will in due course alter the future of the practice of project management in IT organizations and thus affect the role and job if a project manager. It looks at 5 areas – current trends, future trends, organization principles, key challenges, and a career in Project Management.
    3. Current Trends. This section identifies Five forces that determine the current trend of PM. These five forces are Global competition, Knowledge explosion, Innovation, Time to market, and Shortened product life cycles. Globalization has changed the way we do business and it will continue to do so on many fronts. These are illustrated in a globalization mind-map. Knowledge explosion is another area that continuous to dominate how businesses survive. Moor’s law is still applicable here. Innovation in technology has been the single most factor that has continued to set the course and pace of how businesses do what they do and get successful outcomes from their projects. The current and future focus is therefore innovation. Time to market is the key in putting out quality products to customers. If the gap remains a competitor will fill it. Thus Project Managers have to work on larger canvas where they have to plan and support the completion of the project to deliver under tight timelines and retain the competitive edge for the organization. Consumers are spoilt by choice. This has resulted into shortened life cycles for products. Consumers want new updates and versions thus shifting the focus from putting out a product that lasts a lifetime versus a product that works for a given time.
    4. Future Trends. The focus of projects over the years has been changing from tactical to strategic. This can be seen in three areas – project scope, discipline, and organization. Learn about Enterprise Project Management and the PMO’s role. Efforts have been increased on training and the way projects are managed.
    5. Organizing Principles. This section discusses the multitude of ways in which organizations can reinvent and restructure themselves thereby responding to any change required. Peter Senge in his book ‘The 5th discipline’ proposed that the organization that will survive for long-term will be the one that will have transformed itself into a learning organization. The 5 basic principles he recommends for organizations that will help create new learning and thinking in the people are - shared visions, team learning, personal mastery, mental models, and systems thinking. Other ways in which Organizations can structure themselves are by focusing on; Processes rather than functions, Communities rather than groups, Virtual teams rather than physical teams, Self-organizing rather than designed, Adaptable rather than stable, Distributed rather than centralized.
    6. Project Management Challenges. . This section clearly states two important challenges which project managers and the practice of project management must work upon. These are Understanding Users and Educating IT technical people about businesses. Both these challenges are discussed.
    7. Unresolved Issues. This section looks at the unresolved issues in project management which can only become clear with more experience of the same. These issues are how far can virtual project management evolve and How can we manage projects under high levels of uncertainty?
    8. Career Issues. While project management is here to stay and is the career of future the nature of assignments and work itself is likely to undergo change. Discover and learn more inside the Project Management PPT Week 11 PPT.
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