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[PPT] Emotional Intelligence For Everybody

Emotional Intelligence For Everybody PPT
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    What do you consider most important - Intelligence Quotient (IQ) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) or a combination of both alongwith Spiritual Quotient (SQ)? What does it take to survive in this world with fellow humans - EQ or IQ? What determines success and failure in daily life relationships - EQ or IQ? If you've had an unparalleled academic or career or monetary success but no one to enjoy it with then you know you have experienced the answers in a bitter way to the above questions. It's always your EQ that matters. While that remains debatable, here is a Slide deck that brings home Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence to everybody. Learn about Emotional Intelligence, The Emotional Competencies (Goleman) model and much more. After learning from this slide deck you will be in much awareness about your own EQ! How important is EI? I can only say, your Soft Skills begin with developing Emotional Intelligence. See below for additional details on the topics covered in this slide presentation. For author information, content credits and usage rights download the PPT or refer to the disclaimer page of the blogsite.

    Emotional Intelligence For Everybody ppt download
    [PPT] Emotional Intelligence For Everybody

    PPT Covers:
    1. Emotional Intelligence For Everybody PPT
    2. IQ, EQ, SQ: Left Brain associated with Intelligence Quotient. Right Brain associated with Emotional Quotient. The Whole Brain including (Intelligence and Emotional Quotient) forms the whole Personality that ultimately relates with your Spiritual Quotient.
    3. High IQ's Vs High EQ's. A collage of 6 famous people in our society who can be easily recognized for their achievements based on their High IQ's and High EQ's.
    4. Emotionally Intelligent People - What are they like? Do we know them? Are they the people who we recognize as good listener's? How do they make us feel? How do they deal with their own emotions in problem situations? How good are they at decision making? How do they deal with criticism?
    5. Would you like to be Emotionally Intelligent? Why is Emotional Intelligence (EI) important? EI is important to professional success. Organizations are finding EI to be increasingly important as it's principles provides a new way of understanding and assessing people's behavior, attitude, management styles, soft skills and potential. Emotional Intelligence is the foundation for critical skills like - stress tolerance, change tolerance, trust, empathy, flexibility, accountability, time management, decision making, anger management, assertiveness, social skills, communication, team work, presentation skills and customer service.
    6. What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your own emotions, understand what they are telling you, and realize how your own emotions affect the people around you. It also involves your perception of others. As you begin understanding how they feel, it will allow you to manage relationships more effectively.
    7. Why Emotional Intelligence leads to Success? As success requires more than IQ. More than being able to do deal with tasks it how one deals with people. Emotionally intelligent people make others feel good. They go through responding to life more easily than people who easily loose control of their emotions and get upset or feel angry.
    8. Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence. American psychologist, Daniel Goleman has developed a framework of the five elements (components/domains) of Emotional Intelligence. They are Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills.
    9. The Element of Self-Awareness. Self-Awareness is the ability to understand and recognize one's own emotions, moods and drives, and their effect on others. Understanding your own emotions ensure your feelings don't rule you. They help you trust your intuition and stop your emotions get out of control. Being aware of your strengths and weakness allows you to choose and perform better.
    10. The Element of Self-Regulation. Self-Regulation is the ability to think before you act. It is the ability to disrupt and redirect emotions and impulses. Self-regulation is characterized by thoughtfulness, openness to change, comfort with ambiguity, integrity, and the ability to say no.
    11. The Element of Motivation. The ability to stay connected with your inner vision and constantly find motivation beyond material reasons. Staying immersed in the activity without needing external rewards and reasons to feel motivated.
    12. The Element of Empathy. The ability to understand the world from the other person's emotional point of view - their reactions, their motivations, their needs and their wants. This includes managing people as per their talents, emotions and behaviors.
    13. The Element of Social Skills. The ability to reach out and build networks with different people and get them to accomplish things under the same team. It includes managing relationships, conflicts, disputes and negotiations.
    14. Emotional intelligence is the key to success in Life. And it can be learnt easily. It will make you more productive and successful at what you do. Developing and applying your Emotional Intelligence skills can bring out the leader in you.
    15. How is Emotional Intelligence measured? It is measured with MSCEIT & Genos. MSCEIT stands for Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test. Genos is the Genos Assessment & Development Model.
    16. How to Enhance your Emotional Intelligence? You enhance your Emotional Intelligence by the following; Dealing with Negative Emotions, Learning to Listen, Staying Calm under Pressure, Adapting to Change, Communicating with self and others, Empathizing, Prioritizing, Being Assertive, Going the extra mile, By Forgiving, Accepting Differences,
    17. EI & EQ Facts. Discover and learn more inside the Emotional Intelligence for Everybody PPT.

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