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[PPT] Conducting Productive Effective Meetings

Conducting Productive Effective Meetings PPT
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    This presentation explores one of the most critical event that concerns a manager's daily work life i.e. conducting meetings that are effective and productive. In this presentation, as a manager you will learn the difference between effective meetings vs dysfunctional meetings, the different meetings for different purposes, and the various meeting strategies. This presentation also includes a bonus guide on 8 steps to great meetings. See below for additional details on the topics covered in this slide presentation. For author information, content credits and usage rights download the PPT or refer to the disclaimer page of the blogsite.

    Conducting Productive Effective Meetings ppt download
    [PPT] Conducting Productive Effective Meetings

    PPT Covers:
    1. Conducting Productive Effective Meetings PPT
    2. Peter Drucker on Meetings. Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management, describes how in an organization people hold specific jobs and thus have to co-ordinate and come together as each depends on the other for knowledge, expertise and information that need to be exchanged and shared amongst the various people such that the organization goals can be met.
    3. Problems with Meetings. 12 points that clearly state why problems are encountered in meetings thus making them less effective. Problems are encountered in many areas such as length of the meetings, number of meetings, too much being discussed, too many participants, poor leadership and facilitation, and preparation. When this happens, participant end up discussion something else that was not on the agenda and thus render the meetings ineffective.
    4. How to Conduct a Productive Effective Meeting? There are three essential parts discussed in this slide deck. Part I – Effective Meetings vs. Dysfunctional Meetings, understanding the difference between them. Part II - Different Meetings for Different Purposes and Part III - Meeting Strategies.
    5. Part I – Effective Meetings vs. Dysfunctional Meetings. The characteristics of an effective meeting are different from those of a dysfunctional meeting. Learn about the essential difference between the two.
    6. Part II - Different Meetings for Different Purposes. Depending on the organization size, project size, set up, structure, communication flow, span of control, each organization will adapt a different meeting format. Here the 4 common meeting types and their functions are discussed namely – the daily check-in meeting, the weekly tactical meeting, the monthly strategic meeting, and the quarterly off-site review.
    7. Meeting frequency and Meeting Importance - How often should you meet? This graph is an interesting way to look at meetings. It takes into consideration two aspects of effective meeting – Meeting frequency and Meeting Importance. It considers the time, team size and communication as the criteria that must be considered as factors that go along with meeting frequency and meeting importance. More frequent but less important issues are time consuming thus an alternative way of communication must be adapted to discuss thus saving meeting time. Less frequent and less important issues too must be dealt with in the same way. Only the most important issues must given be given more time and precedence over everything else. These could be the essential aspects strategy meetings in response to life cycle of a project or the organization. These will naturally be less frequent but require more time in a single setting. Thus meeting frequency must be balanced with meeting importance, it’s a key criteria for having effective meetings.
    8. Part III - Meeting Strategies. This part teaches you methodically how to conduct effective productive meetings by following the meeting strategies. These meeting strategies will help you achieve your effective productive meeting goals. The strategy areas are – Purpose of your Meeting, Having a Facilitator, Preparing Knowledge Base, Having a Roadmap, Time Management, Rules of Engagement, Having Meeting Discussions & Making Decisions, Establishing Actions & Assigning Responsibility for Goals To Be Accomplished Before your Next Meeting.
    9. 8 Steps to Great Meetings. This is a bonus section in this slide deck. It is a common sense approach to conducting meetings successfully. Discover and learn more inside the Conducting Productive Effective Meetings PPT.

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